who i am.

A developer who is familiar with the entire stack know how to make life easier for those around them.

Personable on weekends, professional all the time. Coffee was created for people like me. Burn the midnight oil to get things done, but never get to sleep in. I'm kind of a mess, but my work is not.

what i do.

I dabble in just about everything. Websites should not be programmed but rather developed. Open source is my playground and the impossible is where I excel.

  • PHP, Apache, MySQL
  • WordPress Development
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • IOS and Android Native Development
  • Speaker and Consultant

of course I do other things but...

some projects.

Though I have been on more projects than I can count, they were for employers or NDA were signed preventing me from speaking. From time to time, I find myself watching a football game and hammering away at popup ideas.

RMG TV on Android

Watch RMG TV on your Android device without experiencing the weekly issues when watching using HTML5. This app does not use HTML5.


WP License Distribution System

Create and distrubute license keys for software, plugins, themes, etc... The system uses an API to validate keys over the internet.

View      Download 1.0.1

WP OAuth Server

WordPress OAuth is really the only WP plugin that transforms any WordPress install into an instant OAuth server that can provide Single Sing On and other services just like FB and Google does using user accounts from within a WordPress install.

View      Download 2.0.0      GitHub

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