Please Update or Go Home

I see it almost every day and there is not much more that bothers me than someone running old and out-date software complaining about an issue. My first questions are:

  1. What version of WordPress are you running?
  2. Are you on shared hosting?
  3. What version of PHP are you running?

For the most part, people have little to no clue what I am talking about. I forgive them for this though, but at the same time “ignorance of updating” is never a valid argument. They are ignorant to the facts of updating. Everyone knows that updating anything = important but some just choose to ignore it as long as things are working.

When I log into a WordPress install that is having issues and I see that their WordPress install in running on anything more than 1 version behind the latest, I instantly want to through a brick (foam of course). This is because the first course of action to any issue is going to be updating achat viagra en ligne canada. More times than not, clients installs are running several major version behind which ultimately is the root cause of a lot of issues. Yes, updating could also be the cause of issues but the risk is well worth the reward.Movie Get Out (2017)Movie Get Out (2017)Roblox Robux Hack 2017

Here are some things to remember and note:

  • If you are on shared hosting and your site is slow, upgrade to VPS or DV. Shared hosting is not what you are looking for.
  • If your host is running older version of PHP and or MySQL, ask to be upgraded or find a new host. Any PHP version below 5.4 is completely uncalled for and the horse should be shot.
  • If your site is having issues, make a backup and update EVERYTHING! Not just what you want. If things break, that means some plugin, theme or your hosting was not managed correctly. Let the host, plugin/theme author know or find a better product!


</end rant>

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