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If you have not heard the buzz on the internet about Let’s Encrypt, then you may want to catch up. Let’s Encrypt is a project that spear heads the advancement into a 100% TLS standards for all browsing. As a matter of fact, the project is pushing to deprecate the less secure HTTP protocol. Mozilla and Chromium are wanting to start displaying a warning message for websites that do not use a TLS connection. They are doing this by offering free SSL/TLS certificates to counter the “WTF”. I am here to tell you that “It needs to happen”.

But wait, there is more! I have to be honest and say that I have not been a fan of DreamHost for a long time but what they just did may have just changed my mind. Today DreamHost posted that all their clients are now able to enable free SSL/TLS using the technology behind Let’s Encrypt.

This is HUGE in my eyes. Although you could of got a free SSL/TLS certificate for years, the process was bulky and took time. DreamHost has just set the bar high and makes it as easy as clicking a button. Did I mention it is FREE? Yes, it is 100% free!

You can read more about this on DreamHost’s blog: <a href="https://www viagra ou en”>

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