Installing LetsEncrypt Using Plesk

So today I was surprised to find that this whole process of installing LetsEncrypt on Blackbird Digitals dedicated server was so much simpler that it was a year ago prix viagra en pharmacie.

Things you will need


Log into Plesk and navigate to the extensions page. For me, I am using Plesk 12.5.30 Update #30 and the Reseller View. The Power User view may look different. You can find the “Extension” page in the left navigation bar under the “Server Management” section.

Extensions Menu

Located in the Server Management section in the left navigation

You will see a list of installed extensions. You will either need to upload the LetsEncrypt package or you can browse the extension catalog. I suggest you choose to browser the extension catalog, then simply click “Extension Catalog” at the top of your installed extensions. From there you can search for the Let’s Encrypt extension. It will look something like the following.


Screen Shot 3


Find Let’s Encrypt and click the “Install” button next to it. Follow the instructions and enjoy your free SSL/TLS certificates! When ever you want to add a certificate to a domain, you will visit the Let’s Encrypt extension and click on the desired domain to generate a SSL/TLS Certificate. The extension will automatically assign the SSL certificate to the domain.





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