New Author of Velvet Blues URL Updater

Update (September 26, 2016): Velvet Blues URL Updater has been transferred back to the original author. If the author does not preform regular updates please let me know and I will ensure that the plugin is updated.

I am currently in the middle of developing an even easier to use plugin. I should have the new plugin submitted to the WordPress Plugin’s Team here in the next week or two. Velvet Blues Update URL plugin does a decent job at updating URL’s but it does lack in features, and functionality. If you are using a basic website, you may be fine but if you have options and widgets, you might as well opt for another plugin. My new plugin (project X) will handle ALL URL updates as well as provide some much requested features that are never addressed with Velvet Blues Update URLs.



Today I would like to mention that I have taken over the responsibilities of a great little tool. The plugin Velvet Blues URL Updater was developed by a company called Velvet Blues. The plugin has become popular for making it extremely easy to update WordPress urls when migrating. The original developer has done some decent work but has failed to keep up on the plugin.

The plugin has roughly 200k active users (which can be kinda scary) and was last updated almost a year ago. The latest versions of WordPress brought issues for version 3.2.4 and caused the plugin to break and not work. I saw this and attempted to make contact directly with the author. After about 3 weeks, I contacted the plugins team and ask for the process to be reviewed for ownership. Their attempts to contact the developer was unsuccessful and I was greeted with access to take over the plugin.

Today I pushed version 3.2.5 to the WordPress repository which contained UX and bug fixes for the latest version of WordPress. If you are a user of the plugin like me, rest assured it is now working again 🙂 achat de viagra naturel.

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3 Responses

  1. Dara says:

    Thank you for taking over this plugin. Good to know it has been updated for the latest version of WP. We used the plugin last week to help transfer our website from http to https. It wasn’t able to quite finished the job though. Am wondering if you can give us some tips on how to fix the remaining mixed content. Thanks for any help you can give us.

    • justin says:

      Could you provide some more information on what it may have skipped or did not convert correct? Have you tried to use the latest version I just pushed today to see if that solves the issues you are having?


  2. Peter says:

    Many thanks for taking this over – it’s a great tool!

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